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Red Ranger


There was a story I had just started that now I cannot find. It involved the main character first talking to an alien(?) then going to a convention as the red ranger from a power rangers like show. At the Con, some robots attacked and he fought them off.

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I think you might be thinking about "Don't Change" by Joshua L. Edwards, aka Arquillius (Yeah that's me). The story was pulled from here, though there are copies of the original that are still out there free to read. The story, by the way was inspired by another work called "Bait and Switch" by Dark Brother. So you might wanna look into that and give it a read, honestly, it's a good read.

Replies:   Arquillius


This story is now free to read at: https://storiesonline.net/s/12702/dont-change-book-1-hope

Yes, I'm working on book 2. Enjoy.

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