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Lost story of High School Mind Control Harem with Romantic Ending


Alright I read a story a while ago that was awesome and I'm pretty sure I read it here on SOL, although it could have been elsewhere. I can't remember the title and I can't remember where I read it but I would really like to find this story.

The premise of the story was that some guy was driving a group of girls (4 of them I think) to the mall or something and they were rude to some other guy. The other guy could control people's minds so he put the girls under the control of the guy for some set time period (I want to say for like 9 months or something) and said they must have sex X number of times per week. I believe the lucky guy also got weak mind control powers over other people not in the original group, but I can't recall the details of how it worked.

The lucky guy and one of the girls were close as kids, but she did something majorly bad to him in middle school and they grew apart. They end up falling in love when she is controlled to be less bitchy. They were both extremely smart (top 10 in their school) and they ended the story going to the same college, I think it was either Penn State or University of Pennsylvania. They end up falling in love and at the end of the story guy gives girl grandmother's engagement ring and they plan to get married and get an apartment off campus.

There's a bit of drama about what happens when their "sentences" end and they go different paths. I think 2 of the girls end up bisexual or lesbian, the GF has an identity crisis about whether she's truly in love and I think the final one decides they want to continue as his slave.

During the story they team up and face different challenges. Things I remember were: they free some girl from domestic abuse, they prevent someone getting raped and there's some sort of almost home invasion that's thwarted by a young cop who one of the relatives of one of the protagonists ends up dating.

The original mystery mind control guy shows up again later in the story and adjusts the rules and I believe he teaches LG how to channel his abilities more. He also tells his story of how he got his powers or harem or something like that.

If you know this story I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you'd hit me up with a link. Thanks!

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After a long search I found it!


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You may also want to try Lucky Ticket by JiMC



Thank you so much!

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