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Missing story


I am looking for a story I read about a week ago!

The protagonist is a teen Girl, 18yo, with parents from China or Japan but living somewhere in the USA. She is just out of high school, looking for a job and somehow choosen by an alien (might have been the zur father of the alien or the alien Child itself!) to be zur child's protector/maid...

The childs mother is wife of an uber wealthy bussines Tycoon worth some billions, who Kills himself.

His wife somehow dies during/ after childbirth, and the MC (in the meantime adopted) inherits their wealth.

The child ( half human half alien will save the earth and has to be protected by the MC.

BTW: its an ongoing story, might have been 6 Chapters! Yes, I even searched the serials updated etc. list, but I am afraid, very unsuccesfully!

Contains BDSM, but I don't remember any story codes!

I hope someone remembers!


It may be 'SES' by Megansdad

Replies:   zellus

That's it, thanks a lot!



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