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Lost story alternate prehistoric earth


Guy gets transplanted to new planet, he teaches the locals English using TV. Interacts with other aliens (reptilian?) who at end of story decide to retire in his community.

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'Bob's Great Adventure' by barneyR



That's it thank you, any similar stories?

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Capt. Zapp


That's it thank you, any similar stories?

There are several others, I just can't think of titles off the top of my head. cmsix has several.

Alt World by pj

Well It Had to Happen by DragonMaster

Do a category search for 'Time-Travel' and whatever other codes you prefer to narrow it down, then just read the descriptions. I know there are plenty of them.

Ernest Bywater

this may be of interest to you:


aliens send a guy to a copy of prehistoric earth as a reality survivor type show star.

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@Ernest Bywater

'I Was a Modern Caveman' by A Acer Custos


You might also enjoy El Sol's unfinished but good (like almost all his work) Achilles and Hephaestus.


There are many good stories which fit the category. Cmsix's, John and Argent has the alien factor with it being also used in their version of TV. Ernest among others have also used that entertainment factor nicely as a background part of the story. Sometimes its mentioned plainly or upfront. Other times it is implied via the interactions between the alien and the mc. Heck that entertainment factor might be closer to the truth in those cases. Just look how much the different networks do to gain a bigger audience, in our cultures.




Another which may be of interest (and I need to read again) http://storiesonline.net/s/11958/game-world-action-adventure-sex-story

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