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Blackmail romance story


I'm looking for a DS MaleDom story I read long ago. I remember it was set in schooln featuring a male nerd that caught the ice princess cheating in a examination. Blackmail naturally ensued with the expected steamy result. Somewhere in the story they fall in love. It was a rather long story. Looks like a bit crappy plot but I remember enjoying it. Does anybody have a clue?
Thanks a lot

Replies:   John Demille  Gauthier

I forget the name of the Author, but the title is "Blackmail of the Queen" on ASSTR.

John Demille


Blackmailing the queen?



This was one of the first I went to but not the one I was looking for.
It was a one to one story just he and her and he was some kind of creepy computer genius.



Marigold (still on asstr) reedited (toned down BDSM) and renamed Princes of Mannsborough by Vulgar Argot


Thanks a lot. That's it!

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