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Looking for stories with a nautical theme.


I'm looking for any stories involving living on a boat, whether it be a houseboat, a fishing boat, any kind of boat. I'm not sure why, but recently I've loved reading anything involving a boat. All suggestions are appreciated!



Try the stories by Catman, starting with "If I had a Boat"
Unless they have been edited since first posting you might find the style a bit tough at times, but the stories are good if you can get into them.
Also look at some of the Tedbiker stories. Well written and often based round a small sailing vessel.

Plus of course Dual Writer's Florida Friends and their boat based adventures -see the story descriptions.


Howard Faxon likes boats among other things at least six of his stories are boat based

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I would suggest Argon's 'In the Navy'. It has a very Hornblower feel to it.



Ted Biker has written a lot of stories dealing with sailing barges and such in England, all good stuff.



Howard Faxon likes boats among other things at least six of his stories are boat based

A small correction: Mr. Faxon likes grocery lists. Sometimes those grocery lists involve boats. :)

Aftershock by dotB


old man with a pen always has boats in his wendy stories.

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Oyster50 has several stories with boats playing a role. Usually not the major role. Dual Writer also has several long boat trips in his Florida Friends series.

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And a couple of more: the "Cruise" stories by Warlord (alas, the main one incomplete), and From the Ashes of Disaster by Tetley.


Don't overlook Dark Vision's Lady Guinevere,.

It's the middle of a series of three stories between The Lottery and the unfinished Unique Adventures.

I'll second the referral to Argon's series and Dual Writer's Florida Friends.

Crumbly Writer

They're not really nautical, but they involve boats. The incomplete "Bow Valley" by Barbe Blanche involves the old English canal systems outside London and is very good, and I'm working on a new story which figures a small Navy vessel sailing slowly across the ocean (taking weeks to cross), though it doesn't focus on sailing or nautical issues, instead dwelling on what's changed in the ocean (answering questions raised earlier in the series).

I've also noticed, in my own reading, that many of the nautical stories feature a 'guns at sea' theme. I'm not sure if they're connected and not just a little excitement while on the water to entertain non-boaters. They also feature plenty of naked women lounging aboard ship, but I doubt anyone will object to that!



They're deadtree, but Arthur Ransom's Swallows and Amazons novels are very good.

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I wonder if a story about an amazon swallowing would be interesting?

One of the characters in the books by Mr Ransom is named Ruth but because of her group roleplaying as pirates, her group calls her Nancy, because pirates are ruthless.


The Gunny and Lenore:

A girl who ends up running a boat for the US Seals

An associated story worth reading (but no nautical theme ) is Sparks by the same author

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