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Protagonist is student who has to be nursed back to health and learns to be a BDSM dom. Eventually becomes a sexologist with multiple 'wives', possibly including mother. Think it was a SOL story.


Sorry for slow reply - thanks for trying but that's not the one.

IIRC, it's more D/s than BDSM and there's alot of poly. Protagonist goes to Germany (can't remember why). May have been a golden clit nominee from a couple or more years previous.

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The story doesn't ring a bell - except that D/s, polyamory and Germany are a trend in stories by The Slim Rhino.
It may narrow the field if you go to https://clitoridesawards.org/archives/
and check out the nominees from 1999 to date.


the only 1 that matches those tags I found is barrys sluts. he is nursed back to health after being in a car wreck with porn star friend(later wife), becomes the owner of a porn studio, has multiple lovers/saves, goes to Europe for vacation, and his mother was his first slave. starts with ariande first.

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