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help needed to sort out the mystery



once again my fuzzy brain got all confused and I can't sort out the details to complete successfully a search ...


the story I'm looking for is maybe a time travel

(quite sure)

set in the old west


the MC collect a harem


at one time he walks in china town and had a run in with the head of a family about a Chinese girl he somehow acquired ...


the elder of the family step in and they have some sort of talk and to manage the susceptibilities the girl ends as his concubine or something

(almost sure)

the Chinese businesses have some sort of steam network running between the buildings

any ideas?

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Ernest Bywater

is this it


Ernest Bywater

or this


I know I read that scene in a story some months back, it was a very minor scene, and not sure which story. It may even have been in:


I'm going through what westerns I read about then but can't clearly discount as not having it

Ernest Bywater

another shot in the dark



In this one the MC went all the way to China to deal with a parent or head of the family and acquire ownership of the girl. Winds by H2OWader. It's no longer available but someone posted a link in the forum.


could be Tom's Adventures, however no time travel involved.

But T-Rix


Could be Doc by Kingkey




Try this https://storiesonline.net/s/43522/wild-west.


Ok, I cannot find the story
Young white boy Taken when the Indians massacred a wagon train
raised by the Indian chief to fight for the Indians later in life in Washington DC.
He has the boy study all the books that had been taken form all the wagon trains that they had massacred in the past.

The kid grows up as an Indian with multiple wives,
unites the tribes,
goes to Washington DC.

On the train trip to DC he interferes or gets into an some kind of fight (?) and through an misunderstanding gains 2 Chinese girls which in turn lead him to the Chinese community in DC.

I know that I am leaving a lot out.

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I know this one damn it.



Pretty sure Fia1 got it. Its Tom's adventures:


EDIT this is the story paliden is describing, maybe not the original post.


thanks to all I think your suggestions helped my memory and it's either tom's adventure or wagons ho, especially as I don't recall reading the others ...

other titles that will soon join the queue of my future reads

once again thanks for the help :)

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other titles that will soon join the queue of my future reads

Heck I do that all the time. Constantly finding unread stories that look interesting.


I was searching for exactly this story. Definitely Tom's Adventure. Thanks heaps!


@ earnest baywater
right author wrong story Washed up by Lazilong.


I'd almost given up any hopes to find it, I'll try that one as soon as I'll finish the one I'm reading ;)

thanks :)


@ Emmett T

I'm not to the part I was wondering about yet but incidentally your post answered another question I was about to ask about someone selling a modern GPS and pretending it was some sort of fancy french clock, so thanks again :D

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