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The talisman


I'm looking for a story about a soldier in Vietnam who wanders into an ancient temple and finds an amulet holding the spirits of hundreds of alien beings. The aliens tell him he was chosen to find the amulet (guided by a light that only he could see) because he was considered to be the best leader for an up-coming battle between rival factions of aliens. When he gets home, he finds that his family has moved and forgotten him (he's told this is for his own protection) and he is being supported by money diverted from evil purposes. The aliens also give him the power to look into people minds and influence them


Try The Amulets of Power by Uncle Jim

Replies:   redhot_363236


No, that's not the one. He wandered onto the grounds of an ancient temple after a fire fight in the jungle. After seeing a light near a statue, he finds the amulet under it. I'm thinking it was a silver disc with a hole in it. He held it over his head, heart and groin (in a specific order), then it was absorbed into his body. He was told that the alien beings came to earth to investigate the concept of good and evil, which they had no knowledge of, and some of their number had "turned to the dark side", as it were.


too bad doc didn't finish it

Replies:   docholladay


From the look of this in his biography section he might not be with us any more:

I may be off the internet for up to six months,depending upon my speed of recovery, if surgery is required. I will ontinue to write as I am able, and hope to submit several chapters of both of my series when I return.


It looks like he was still around after his recovery because he also said in his biography section that he had just posted the story "The Orgasm Powered Car". It was posted on 3/2/10 and the chapter 3 of The Artifact" was posted on 10/19/14. I know that doesn't prove he's still with us.

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