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Baseball star who gets into politics


Read a story recently that I lost track of. Starts with a guy who is a rookie baseball star who is traded to a new team. Follows through his life as he becomes the team's star. Ends up with him getting into the Republican Party and becoming president or something. Would appreciate any directions towards finding it.


The only one that comes to mind is 'Retreads' by Rotedrachen. The MC plays both baseball and football, becomes governor of Tennessee, and then President, as well as a bunch of other stuff. It is a major do-over story involving the Norse gods.


Joe J's "twice lucky" ?


Nah its neither of these stories, though i appreciate the replies. I might have mixed 2 stories now that i think about it (politics might be some other story). The baseball one starts with him being traded to some la team and then he meets another female athlete (with a controlling mother) on the east coast and they hook up for a bit. I also remember a part where he gets stabbed by a fan who turns out to be his old baby sitter. Just flashes of the story but i lost the name of the story and the characters.


Sounds like Jay Cantrell's A Flawed Diamond -- but the MC doesn't go into politics. He gripes about them more than a little, though.


So i was just back tracking through the last couple of pages of the lost stories sub forum and found that someone had already asked about this story. Here's the info in case anyone else is looking for it

A Flawed Diamond by Jay Cantrell

I guess the getting involved in politics and becoming president is from another story. Anyway thanks for all the help.

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YES!!! This is the second story involving politics. No idea why my brain decided to mix this up with A Flawed Diamond. Thanks for posting it. Glad to read both these once again.

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