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Lost story about mother sister granny


I'm really trying hard to find this one. A guy ends up having sex with (I think it was) his sister, mother, aunt, grandmother while he is taking photos of them in his mothers bedroom. I think it was quite a long one.

John Demille


sounds like a young thinker's story. He removed them from the site.



I think there's a Lubrican story about taking pictures of relatives' breasts for a project, with sex ensuing. Indeed, a long story.

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Thats the one thank you so much!!


I didn't remember it before. Here's a link.


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If it's not all that far off topic, recently, my 50th high school reunion was held. One classmate circulated some pictures of herself, her daughter, and her granddaughter. From the back, all in bikinis, you couldn't tell them apart.

Some people's genetics. Harrumph.

At least she is a sweet person, the only cheerleader that was nice to everyone!

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