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stories in the hostigos universe


I read a story about a young girl named Judy and here adventures but i can't remember the story name nor the author's.

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Tangent by Gina Marie Wylie


he then took his story in a direction that was completely incompatible and irreconcilable with it thus orphaning the Tangent series.

Well, that's the problem with writing stories that are basically fan fiction. And that applies to Carr as well as Wylie.

H.Beam Piper seems to be ground zero for this sort of thing. With at least four novels published posthumously, there have been several attempts to produce semi-official sequels which have collapsed after a previously unpublished work has surfaced.


Well thank you very much i'v been searching for a long time. thank's also for the web site but i cant register or find any stories.

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thank's also for the web site but i cant register or find any stories.

You have to be logged in to see the stories & I figure the login button would be where the option for me is to log out.
Click to login and it'll give you the option to register if you don't already have a login.


Works for me. Just look for register in the upper right corner.



Actually two events - yes she got hacked - the info is in the forums. Also, and this is what you were referring to, her domain registrar let her domain name lapse, and when she went to fix things, she could not get the ownership of her .com URL transferred, so she moved to the current .net one.

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