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Science fiction war


It was something like stories or tales from the front. The "enemy" could not be communicated with. Many of the officer heroes were in their teens.

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You might be looking for Thinking Horndog's Swarm Universe. No stories named as you wanted, but the premise is that humans reach their majority at 14, are tested for ability to fight the Sa'arm, and if they reach a CAP of 6.5, they are allowed to volunteer to fight.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Thinking Horndog's Swarm Universe




Thank you both, it was not part of the swarm universe.

Ernest Bywater

Here's a list of a few SciFi stories and series about warfare. Maybe what you're after is one of them:

Treaty Troops

Galactic Chronicles

Alderian Wars

That's all I can find with a category search that isn't immediately ruled out from their description.


These are the ones. Thank you.

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