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lost OLD Western story


Many years ago i read a western book. I dont remember the author or name of said book. What I remember is this. main character is a younger boy at beginning of book. Wagon/wagontrain is attacked by and destroyed. Boy survives. Goes into mountains/hills to live. Carves out a cave using fathers hammer and chisel. Adopts a baby bear which he play fights every day when he is older. Boy now man is very strong and very wiry. Wants a horse and ends up breaking a horse named sidewinder. So named cause horse jumps sideways.

Looking for the name of book and author. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all very much.


grizzly adams?


Thanks for the suggestion. Looked it up but no cigar.


anyone else


I am assuming that this was a commercial novel not an online one. Try these people http://forums.abebooks.com/discussions/AbeBookscom_BookSleuthreg/abesleuthcom? some of the people who post there are scary in remembering obscure books. You do have to join (free) to post.

Best that I can tell you, sorry.

Good hunting, Steve

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