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Wealthy white collar wife, blue collar husband


She's an executive; he restores and tricks out motorcycles. He and her father don't get along and he calls his father-in-law a jerk when they're eating at the in-laws' house. She files for divorce and he throws away everything he gets from her lawyers, figuring he doesn't stand a chance against her daddy's money so why fight it.

At a company function her boss announces that her husband won top honors at a prestigious motorcycle design competition. Of course, she can't admit that she's divorcing him and didn't even know about the award. In the end, she cancels the divorce and is seen as a motorcycle mamma riding with him and wearing henna tattoos.

Thanks for your help.


Trying to reclaim my marriage by slirpuff


no title or story found .


Thank you gregwynn and grimiore. I really appreciate the help of people who have much better memories than I do.

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Your welcome!



You're welcome.

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