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Close Encounters ... something



I'm looking for a story I thought was called "Cose Encounters..." something. It had a female felinoid scout captain named Meiow who crash lands in our hero's back yard. After they get intimate he ends up going to space with her, where he encounters other intimacy-minded females. I recall that one ship was named Steppenkatz. You'd think with those details I could find it, but I've been unable to, and none of the stories that are titled similarly are what I am looking for. Thanks.


Close encounter of the fifth kind by Slutman came up on a search for Steppenkatz


Thanks. That sounds familiar, but I can't even see an author named Slutman. I know some stores are only available to premier members, but are some authors invisible to non-members?

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


I forget why, but he pulled his stories from SOL, a Google search found this page on the old forum:!msg/storiesonline/3LW6-EcnSS8/nwtcTZh7zRMJ

check it out, it may help you.


Thanks. I'll check out some of those links.


I had to grab some of the chapters from the "time machine"

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