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Okay, i know most readers hate loving wives type of stories and this is one of the few that has substance and isn't a BTB.

The girl is the only child and daughter of a rich person, got a handsome tutor, got taken advantage of and fell inlove(crush).

The father found out broke the two apart(now this is the reason why the story is cheating).

The girl was sad, rebelled and decided to bed our mc who works for her father.

Long story short, they got married, but the girl's father died of illness, the handsome tutor(gold digger) went after the girl, since you know its really bad to break something off forcefully without seeing its end because it leaves a bitter taste in those involve of what couldve been.

Anyways, when i said substance, i meant there was a significant reason as to how the spouse cheated opposed to the non-sense most story seem to cook up.

I probably spoiled half the story but meh, anyone can tell me the story, i want to find stories of the same author.


No one?

The last i remember was that the ending, the woman trapped the mc with their child that he didnt know she kept fertilized egg in incubators during their marriage.

Also, after the divorce where the wife tried to play the amnesia card, he went south for oil and he was gambling with a bunch of locals when everything went south.

His friends also got killed on a boat because of an unsigned check for millions of dollars.


Just found it after a bit of searching,



I think that's the only story I have read where I was rooting for the main characters to die in the end.

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I think that's the only story I have read where I was rooting for the main characters to die in the end.

For the wrong reasons, I'm guessing.

Years ago, a friend mentioned hating the character of Granny Weatherwax from one of the early Discworld novels. My friend's interpretation was that this demonstrated just how good of an author Pratchett was that he was able to create a character so realistically that she could be hated, despite not really being an evil character, just somewhat selfish. The fact that she really is right most of the time doesn't help.

From the description of the story above, though, I'm guessing that your distaste is not in fact due to an amazing characterisation by the author?

No one?

I'm glad that you found the story, and I'm sorry that no one was able to help you, but expecting an answer to a lost story request during an 8 hour period when most people in North America are asleep is not really reasonable. Whatever it may look like, most people don't really spend all day on the board.

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Heh, right or wrong reasons to dislike the characters, you tell me (Warning: spoilers and personal opinions ahead):

- Getting several girls/women pregnant and getting his father to pay for abortions, once I could understand if he learned from that and was more careful and caring, but according to his wife's accusations it happened several times. I view an abortion as a dramatic event in a woman's life and it can easily lead to depression or other health problems, but since the women were paid off they were out of his life and he did not care anymore about them (if he ever really did).

- Getting several (innocent) people killed (probably too harsh on her on that one as that was due to unforeseen and unintended consequences, but it was her actions that set up the stage).
- Being an accomplice in a plot to kill the MC, yeah she tries to talk her lover out of it and succeeds, but add the fake amnesia and it is just reprehensible.
- The embryo removal and reimplantation. That one is just unforgivable and could lead to some mental problems for the kid if he ever finds out the whole story.

So in summary I could not find many (if any) redeeming qualities in the main characters and wished their lives would be a living hell in the end just to make up a bit for all the pain they caused. So the characterization of these two users and abusers was at least good enough to get a reaction out of me.

I probably could go into more detail if I ever wanted to reread that story, but I do not want to as it was just not my cup of tea.


But you got to admit, the flow was good, it never felt forced to me and i understood in the first place why the girl wanted her first lover back, i mean it was her first crush and first crush die hard especially since it was like a romantic fairy tale for a teenaged girl.

A handsome knight, separated forcefully by her evil father.

The first time i read the part where the father forcefully separated them i already knew that it was not the last time we'll see of him.

I think it was a better move to let it run its due course and let the crush die, all the tutor wanted was money, all he had to do was cut off his daughter of his money but for how long? idk... i guess she was his only child and only daughter.

The guy, there's alot of people like him nowadays, born with a silver spoon, constantly partying without a care.

I don't remember the plot to kill though.

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