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Superman sex change


Looking for a story where Superman is using some special kryptonite to let him be able to masturbate without blowing a hole in the wall, then Lois walks in on him. She is ticked off because they haven't had a great sex life because he uses the excuse it would be too dangerous. Lois leaves and later brings back some items that she uses to turn Superman into a woman. Lois shows she now has a penis and proceeds to have sex with the former man of steel. She then takes her new slave to the Daily Planet and Clark as a female has sex with Jimmy Olsen. Lois tells her she's now her sex slave and will be passed around the different superheroes.


Are you sure that you saw this story on SOL? There are a total of five stories that have both the "Super Hero" and "transgender" tags, and seven with "Superman" in the description. None even come close to what you've described.

You might have better luck checking the adult oriented fan fiction sites. Most of what I've seen on SOL has been original ideas.

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