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in a box


Looking for a story where a mother is wondering why her son has a box strapped to the front of his pants as a Halloween costume. She doesn't believe him when he says it's his penis, she's shocked to find out he does have it in there. She plays with it a little and they may end up having sex. I think for Halloween she's dressed as Jeannie from the TV series I dream of Jeannie.

Replies:   Dicrostonyx

Was the kid Justin Timberlake?


Don't think so but I wouldn't be surprised if the story as inspired by that.


as a Halloween costume?



Interestingly, searching "Halloween box" turned up only one result. Is your story:

Happy Halloween-freddy's Dick in Mom's Box, by Daddy Jack?

It's from 2012, has five chapters, and is listed as incomplete.


I think that may be it. Thanks.

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