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sex at party


There was a party this young college student went to with a friend. She told her friend she wanted to have no stings attached sex, meaning she didn't want to know who the guy was and she didn't want the guy to know who she was. She went to a room at a party and had the lights off as she had her friend find a guy for her. The friend finds a classmate that she has a crush on and the first girl has sex with the guy. She becomes obsessed with the guy and the greatest sex she has ever had. Finally the friend arranges a meeting with the girl and the guy under the condition that she can borrow the guy. The girl is devastated when she finds out her greatest lover was none other than her own brother. Eventually they start having sex again.

Replies:   jhncanson


This is quite a popular concept on incest stories, where siblings accidentally or unknowingly have sex in a party of some sort.

You'll have a hard time finding this one as stories like this are for stroke value and are often short so doesn't leave a lasting impression unless read upon only days ago.

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