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Benjamin Franklin


My astonishing fact for what is nearly April Fool's day is that one of our founding fathers is an SOL author. I was searching using "sing" (don't ask me why, an impulse) and one of the early options was "Choosing a Mistress" by the guy whose face is on the $100 bill. His other story is something about Farts. I not making this up, its too weird to be something I could invent.

And the really peculiar part is that Benjamin Franklin has an email address. I strongly suspect he won't actually reply to any email you send him as he has been dead for a couple of centuries now, but maybe there is somebody at SOL that is monitoring his emails. Or maybe its just policy that every SOL author gets an email for readers to click on, whether the author wants one or not.

I'd like to type "April Fool" but it isn't quite the end of March yet, there is an hour or so left. And its true.

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Crumbly Writer

It makes me want to create a new email and creating a pseudonym to post stories as Caligula.

Dominions Son

Makes me want to go hunting in the author list for famous perverts from history.


I got an email from Benjamin Franklin's secretary. I guess it is his secretary, who else would answer his email?

"Dr. Franklin thanks you for your feedback. He no longer answers fan mail personally. He currently is in retirement on a farm in the Sussex Downs and taken up beekeeping as an occupation. Wait a sec. That's someone else, isn't it. Never mind."

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Ernest Bywater


one of our founding fathers is an SOL author

Ayep, those are two of his works. He posted them into one of SoL's predecessor organisations, but you know what the US postal system is like. Got lost and it was only after the place was being renovated they found where they had fallen and sent them on.



So, when Ben writes porn, does "Poor Richards' Almanac" become "Destitute Dick's Diary"?

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Dominions Son


So, when Ben writes porn, does "Poor Richards' Almanac" become "Destitute Dick's Diary"?

Why would it become an alliteration when it wasn't before?

Broke Dick's Magazine would be more fitting.

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