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The private


Who knows what is wrong with Random Writings? This beautiful story has been stalled for too long.

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son


Probably nothing, he just writes slowly or infrequently. looking at the story, individual chapter post dates are listed at the top of each chapter, there are frequent gaps of five to seven months between chapters, particularly with the last 10 chapters. It's only been 8 months since the last chapter was posted. Not that much overdue relatively speaking.

Crumbly Writer

It can be tough waiting that long, which again, is why several of us only post completed stories. It's often hard to schedule time to write, especially when the story has been dragging on for years.

Maybe (tee-hee) we should start a new post, listing each author who pledges to only post completed stories, so readers know which author's won't end up frustrating them.

But then again, I suspect it comes down to those who enjoy reading concise stories, and those who prefer those which continue indefinitely.

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