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Monbade Destroyer series


Anyone have any info on Monbade? I just finished books 1-3 of The Destroyers series and am looking for book 4. I messaged him through the his blog, last entry 2014-10-17, no response yet. I looked on lulu.com for book 4 and nada.

Any info would be appreciated. gracias

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


he was alive and well as of an hour ago because he was causing trouble on the sol channel on TerranIRC. His website is


He has a PayPal account you can donate through if you want to help him out. If you live near Yuma, Arizona you can even call in and talk to him. He has had some writer's block issues and real life issues, but is still writing. Every now and then I have to wait for my editor to finish with one of Monbade's chapters before he can work on mine. Don't know what his posting cycle is.


Hi, book 4 is on ch 14 and stuck.2 years ago i moved to Yuma, and 14 days after arriving i spent 3 months in the hospital/rehab. My appendix ruptured and i almost died 3 times from a serious infection. The last two years have seen me sick, well to write, sick again. I am currently working on a time travel story called Redux, Again! trying to get back into writing. Hopefully i will be able to get back to my older stories. Thanks for asking


Replies:   BlinkReader

thanks EB for the reply and thanks very much for the info Monbade. I hope you are doing better and stay that way! I look forward to Book 4. Gracias for the stories



Thank you for info, and we all hope you are now OK ...writing or not :) ...

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