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not a lost story but need help finding a new story


hope you ladies and gents can help.

just finished reading a few books and now i have nothing to read...

really liked the story symboite from wordpress

also love the stories island mine
and life with alpha
and james 2.0

basicly i was wondering if anyone know any good stories/books with the main character getting/making and ai or symbiote like the stories above.

dosent matter if its on this site or another.

thanks in advance.

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You might enjoy cmsix's Nanovirus original version is available at he following link:

or you can check out the rewrite version available here at SOL on cmsix's blog page:

I know there are others probably available but I can't remember right now.


'AI' by Colin Barrett. The protagonist doesn't create the AI, but becomes aware of it and protects it from harm while it learns.


Crumbly Writer

I typically stay away from AI stories, but I have a few about human/alien interactions that rely upon AI to foster communications (the AI has no personality, though the communications between the two species and how the AI helps plays into the story).


This may not be what you're looking for, but the first thing that comes to mind is the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. Members of one of the major governments use a form of cybernetic implant to maintain a telepathic connection with their sentient, bio-tech space ships and stations. There are several point-of-view characters, at least one of whom had this going on.

The bad news is that this is a published work, so you may have to buy an actual physical copy or find an official ePub. The good news is that if you like it (it's one of my favourites) the trilogy is around 1.25 million words, so it'll keep you busy for a while.

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yeah the trouble is that i have a lot of books, Peter F Hamilton is one of my favorite authors.

and i think i already read it...
when you read so many books that you cant remember what you actually have read.

anyways that is why im on this site finding new stories to read...

just love scifi story that push the boundries of man/machine.

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just love scifi story that push the boundries of man/machine.

You might enjoy Captain Gold by Porlock then.
And Oceania by Expresso42 is an excellent story.

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