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Lady in Red


Although I've seen much praise for "Lady in Red" in this forum, I'm struggling to get through Book 1.
I believe in Superman and The Lone Ranger, so I can suspend belief and buy into the superheroics of Steve - even though he doesn't wear tights and a cape. What bothers me is the constant praise of Steve from the female characters - the girls and the mother. And do ALL his deeds need to be superheroic? Even Superman rescued a cat from a tree.
Can somebody convince me that I should continue to read this story - I've read about 20 chapters.

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awnlee jawking

IMO it continues very much in the same vein, with the author escalating to preserve interest.



I quit halfway through book 2. There's a limit to how much "Murica!" a non-American can stomach. I get that stories are fiction and you can get certain levels of "unbelievable" in a story. When it gets to to the point of being ridiculous there's not much story left.

awnlee jawking

Speaking as a Devil's Advocate, I believe 'Lady in Red' is one of the few books to have actually sold a copy when stolen and posted on Amazon.




so I can suspend belief and buy into the superheroics of Steve

Suspended? It needs hanged, cut down and the corpse desecrated. I read it for a while, but got tired of the drawn out time between updates.


I've read them all and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I don't see the need to "suspend" your "beliefs" any more than you would when reading about hot teenage girls drooling over the prospect of having sex with some random middle-aged guy or having sex with a witch or vampire, like some of the stories you guys have written. LOL

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I have thoroughly read all of the stories written so far, many times. I know it is over the top, but it is still enjoyable. To me it's like when you are acting on stage. You are taught to over emote and over act so the audience can see what they are supposed to see. We are just a closer audience, so we see some of the over emoting and over acting. It's kind of like those 30s Canadian Mounty movies, or the ones with the Perils of Pauline and Tess Trueheart. There was a series of stories about someone who was 'The All American Boy', that's Steve. I am usually an immersion reader, but I will admit that I don't always find myself immersing as far with these stories. It's just fun seeing what HardDaysKnight comes up with next.

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I have to agree. It is pure escapist entertainment, but a lot of fun. Luckily, no one has to read anything they chose not to read, but I do thank those that do read and enjoy the story. SOL is a strange place with all kinds of people having sex with kids, animals, and adults of the same sex. Some people like that and it is available to them. There are those that enjoy reading about a world where good things happen to good people, and women always look great. I have no reason to lobby for the story. It is doing well with those that do read it and that is more than I had dared hope. I get email every day referencing the story. I enjoy that as well. Thanks for discussing my story. It is appreciated. It all helps increase views and that is all I ask.


I have enjoyed every chapter of LIR and wait for the next chapter. We all need an unbelievable story now and then Tucson



To me Steve is the embodiment of what most people want a man to be. He was raised with a strong moral compass and ethics. He was taught to help those in need as well as appreciate more than the physical macho parts of being a male. While I haven't read them, I would imagine he is a close match for many male leads in a Romance Novel. I consider his story inspiring, I am not the person he is portrayed as, but he does inspire me to try harder to be a better man in all aspects of my life.



Personally, I see Steve as Gary Sue and just laugh. The whole story becomes a satirical comedy about overdramatic acting and fawning idiocy.

So, the key, at least for me, is to consider it satire and laugh about it.


Think Dudley Do right with a cock and balls.
Same vein as JRyter's more outer subjects but he has dripping women who cut to the chase.
I too quit and told the writer the same thing. I thought I said it nicely but he sent back a flame and told me to shove my opinion.
Some people say they want feedback but really don't.
Did not tell him he should rewrite the characters ... as some had told me.



hot teenage girls drooling over the prospect of having sex with a witch or vampire, like some of the stories you guys have written.

Well, the witches and vampires usually can use mind control so they can get sex at will.


I enjoyed LIR. I would just like to know if and when it will ever be finished

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