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Clan Amir story amalgamation done

Ernest Bywater

For those who are interested and follow things here I've finished the project to revise the Clan Amir series and have re-posted them as amalgamated stories to reflect the print book versions. This has taken a lot of work by Lazeez to do it in a way to keep all of the followers and comments while maintaining the integrity of the votes and scores by reducing the votes where people have voted on the different short stories in what are now the longer versions. I thank him for the hard work he did on this. The new format gives readers a much larger read for their download by reducing what was about 50 files down to 8 files of novel length.


Are they the files dated 2016?

Ie, this is the first to read?

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Yes. In order to keep the statistical information the amalgamated files replaced one of the shorter stories in the book, so the original posting information is still there. The books have a number in front of the story name and they run in numeric order, they also run in alphabetical order.

Yes that's the best place to start.

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