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A Christmas Miracle


It is truly a Christmas Miracle. We got to enjoy another chapter of Summer Camp by Nick Scipio. Merry Christmas Nick and thanks.


Somebody tell Cold Creek that's he's on deck.

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We are anxiously waiting for this to happen ...

Average Geek

It was a sad start to the day when I saw the dreaded X appear against Dman3 in my library. I still have hope and am leaving it in my queue. Don't let us down Cold Creek!


My guess is he is having trouble coming up with new girlfriends for the hero. Is bisexuality in store for the hockey player?


Well, Emma appears to be available now, as well as Kristen Stewart, Tom Hanks' daughter and her room mate, the General's daughter, and pretty much any other girl he might get interested in.


he needs to go back to vickie

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He needs to go back to write :D

And - we are praying and lightning candles, all in hope that he is going to continue ..



he needs to go back to vickie

I think that there is more potential with Asuka (if he can persuade her). Just think of the combination of her martial arts and his hard shots on goal - he'll sent the opposing pointman plus the goalie through the net and smash the glass behind.
The possibilities in the story are endless - Ford want his programming skills and program and would probably do anything legal to get them. HM didn't approve of the rift with Beatrice and Emma so she might step in........ and he still has priceless Japanese antiquities



The thing with Cold Creek is he doesn't care 1 lick what you think.He posts when he feels like it and will NEVER give an idea when his next chapter will drop.

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Perhaps his pen name is now Frozen Creek. Or Cold Cruel Heart.

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