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What happened to Lazlong's Wangon Ho series?


I just finished reading Washed Up. It was a entertaining story about the 19th century oregon trail. The story didn't complete and the author says at the end he'll continue it on Early Years series. However, it was also incomplete. Anyone know what happened to the author or the series and if there's a closure to the story?

Replies:   Grant


Given his state of health in 2009, very probably deceased (unfortunately); I really enjoyed those stories as well.

From BtFH "Where they are" thread,
Lazlon- Extremely ill as of October 2009 - (heart attack, stroke, blood loss, possible depression etc).

Replies:   moredrowsy


@Grant Oh snap. That's very sad news. I really enjoyed the characters he developed in Washed Up.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


Yeah, his planned Two Paths - One Trail is likely to remain a wished-for sequel.

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