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Hi all, with respect, I would like to ask for a permission from the site owner/moderator and the writers, to post, a view, critique, opinion, or simply my thoughts as a reader on the stories I happen to be interested in . I should have asked this BEFORE I posted a short point of view regarding a post from one of my favorite writers. I would very much appreciate if one or more of you respond, to this and on the bases of those, I will either participate or stay silent for good. Naturally, on my part, all rules of civil exchange would apply. Thank you.


Replies:   Tim Merrigan
Tim Merrigan


Reader responses are all the compensation most of us (yes, I do write occasionally) get, and some writers live for it. I can't imagine any writers objecting, especially if it's praise, like you gave Celtic Bard.

(Oh, there are the scores, too, but they're all but worthless.)


That makes a lot of sense to me. I have made a habit of collecting feedback in a separate file and have found that many of the comments and suggestions have changed my perspective of certain writing styles and even changed my writing of a continuing story because they made a valid point.


You can always request to be a reviewer and then write reviews of those stories that interest you.


I regret that Tim feels that scores are all but useless. That surely is the view of those readers who bother to vote. In any multi-chapter story there are chapters which are amazing (to use SOL speak) and some which are dull because of the flow of the story; ideally I would like (on top of overall scoring) to be able to bring attention to one chapter though I know this is probably difficult.
I also occasionally do write to authors (usually ending "do not reply" assuming theyt are busy) and very very rarely I will point out where what is written is impossible (like driving 300 miles in an hour). Authors deserve praise

Dominions Son


I also occasionally do write to authors (usually ending "do not reply" assuming theyt are busy) and very very rarely I will point out where what is written is impossible (like driving 300 miles in an hour).

Speaking as both an author with a science fiction themed story here and a fan of science fiction in general:

I would hope that if I screwed up something like that, that at least one of my readers would point it out so I can try to correct it.

Suspension of disbelief is particularly important in science fiction and an obvious internal inconsistency makes suspension of disbelief harder for the reader and can ruin an otherwise great story.



(usually ending "do not reply" assuming theyt are busy)

I prefer to use "Reply not required". It removes the obligation of a reply but leaves the option open.

Crumbly Writer


Sejintenej, all authors are different. Some turn off communication entirely, some don't respond, some say "No thanks", but many of us appreciate comments, suggestions and corrections. For me, I'd love to be told I did something wrong, but you've got to feel each author out to see just how receptive they are to feedback.

I generally start with a general response, where I tell them I like the story and why, and then I'll list one or two corrections. If they respond to the corrections, either acknowledging or acting on them, I'll send more. That's how many of us find our editors, we encourage feedback, and bring the best commenters on-board to help edit the story.

So don't give up. It may be frustrating when a few say "Don't bug me," or who simply never respond at all, but I've had several long-term communications with readers, and I value every opinion (even the negative critiques).


As pointed out by many, that's what voting, feedback, Reviews and, lastly, this forum is about.
Lots of writers write for lots of different reasons.
- I write for myself, meaning expressing myself and my views.
I judge my results primarily on # downloads, i shut off Anon feedback critics... and very much appreciate those who email me, otherwise.
Except for those who want me to take my story/plotline in a totally different direction. Find it amusing that those typically want me to abuse my females. Those guys should write their own crap.

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