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Is there any other similar stories like Time by john wales?




Time is a do-over story, a number of such stories are listed at http://do-over.wikifoundry.com/. More specifically, John Wales wrote another do-over: Rebirth (and Rebirth II).

Dominions Son


Is there any other similar stories like Time by john wales?

There are quite a few do over stories on SOL. There's even a tag for do-over stories You can do a category search for do-overs

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@Dominions Son

Who decides what to call these redone lives stories? I think "do-over" is some of the most awkward orthography I have seen. Double "o" with a dash between them. Like someone trying to manufacture a smiley face without the grin. Lets just call them Dover stories and make it even shorter. We can sing about bluebirds over the White Cliffs in good conscience.

How about ReDos? Repeats, Living again, Rebirth, Reincarnation (maybe too long or mean something else entirely.) Lets get some votes to replace do-overs with something else.

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I don't know how to reply to the post itself without quoting someone as i'm gonna ask a new question that is similar to the original intent of this topic rather than make a new one.

Anyways, is there a similar story about ESP?

For example: https://storiesonline.net/s/61732:i

What's All the Fuss About?

A Bob Roberts Story

by Barneyr

My only problem about the above story is that it has no suspense.

There's no climb, no down, no roller coaster ride, just plain plain.... get it?

Anyways, first chapter or second i think, he meets someone like him, meets his soulmate immediately. 4 chapters in and he tells his sister he can read and control minds.

Like really, the whole suspense of this type of story is the secrecy and all the cheats you can do about it without people knowing.


And that my friend is called, lack of imagination! When someone who has no talent is trying impossible. It's like a rooster laying an egg!

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Crumbly Writer


It's like a rooster laying an egg!

I've seen that done many times. Even Donald Trump has laid quite a few, and that ain't just chicken scratch!

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