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Deja Vu Ascendancy


I understand the premise, the MC has accidentally merged 2 versions of himself or he(on the original timeline/dimension) merged with someone on another.

And by the titles of the books or volumes, he tries do so many times over thus eventually merging into godhood or ascending.

My question is, will the MC merge completely? I mean, if say he merged with 100 of himself, wouldn't that make the story convoluted? with so many different personalities the conscious talks would only be more long and confusing with so many of him talking to one another.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Yes he does, and yes it does make the story convoluted. However, there is also a basic premise that comes out about how close in being the various versions have to be to be able to merge, thus major variations in attitudes etc are unable to merge.

Replies:   jhnmakii

@Ernest Bywater

Yea, i think it doesn't really make a difference now. Essentially those who he merged with could be all counted as one so i guess that makes it all easier.

When i started to try and read this story the first time, i dropped it completely when i realized how convoluted it would be and i never bothered to ask in the forum if it goes down that path since i never really explored the site thoroughly then.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Having the multiple minds in the head allows him to have different mind take over different activities at the same time, thus he ends up with situations he has to watch out for because he got caught with one mind using one eye to look at something while another mind used the other eye to look at something else. But in exams he is able to quickly hold a conference and discuss the question while also calling on multiple educations because the education systems had slight variations in them.


The story is very fun when he has just 4 minds. you can identify which is which during the 4 minds phase since it has different personalities. You should stop when he merges to 8, it goes downhill from there.


I find that as he gets more minds, although each individual mind becomes less recognizable, the story becomes less confusing. Once he gets enough minds that you can't remember which is which, you are able to view all the minds as "Mark" instead of as an individual character.


I agree with jr88.

When you read DVA, you'll start to treat the individuals in his head as "one Mark" with variations of his personality (but they are all VERY similar to the point of being identical). The point is, by mid point of the story, you shouldn't focus on the individual Marks or where they came from but treat all of them as the current "Mark" as one entity.

That way you won't get confused. Also, it doesn't really matter what alternate universes all the Marks came from because all the alternate universes of all the Marks that merge so are similar that it ultimately doesn't matter. The story still goes on as "one Mark."

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