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Help me out on Stitch in Time


I'm interested in reading Stich again, but I I don't understand why I'm supposed to be rooting for him to get together with Cammi, and maybe someone can explain.

He wasn't in love with her when he went to the mall. He actually had to be talked into even seeing her. That's his memory of her, so why would he be obsessed with her now? Especially since it's their senior year and they will be going different ways in a few months. What's the point?

This isn't as important, but I also don't understand his obsession with getting into UVA just because his uncle teaches there. We're led to believe he's good enough to be a top draft pick so going to college is monetarily idiotic. And he's a self-centered guy. That's one of the most consequential career choices any eighteen year old will face I don't recall it even being brought up.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing?


First off, his wish was about avoiding all the bad things he expected to have to live through till he graduated from high school. He hadn't even considered Cammie, or any girl, at that point.

At the end of the evening he had started to realize how Cammie would bloom in the near future, and they had the beginnings of a budding romance started.

You also have to remember that the jumped forward Patrick doesn't have any memories of the obnoxious person he had become over the intervening years, and still had as his goal going to UVA. Yes he seemed to move smoothly into his athletic abilities, but they weren't the be all and end all for him as they apparently were for his obnoxious self in the intervening years.

And last but not least, of course he's self-centered to some extent. Aren't all high school guys? But he also had as a goal rebuilding his relationship with Cammie, as well as that with his family.

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