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Gold by Bigzeke


I saw this story recommended here, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not for me. I'm more than halfway through and it's been almost entirely about how to obtain materials and build every detail of a mining camp. In excruciating detail. I'm sure Bigzeke had a blast planning and writing it and some readers eat that stuff up, but I'm not one of those readers. Does it get better if you're not into construction fiction? Thanks.

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I'm not into 'grocery list' stories either. Some readers are. One or two authors on SOL write almost nothing but that type of story.



exactly! I did the same thing and it is as you mentioned all through the story. Any confrontations/drama is resolved in a few short sentences, then back to how to build a mining camp.


You might want to make suggestions to the author to improve his story. We try to be a supportive community here, mostly, with a few exceptions where the arguments flow a little too freely.

I know of and have reviewed some stories by an author who likely is referred to above, and if he stopped writing his stories that way I would miss it.

Authors have habits. Do you want Lubrican to stop writing stories about women who get pregnant?

Story discussion and feedback ought to be positive and supportive. I won't drive away authors you like if you don't drive away ones I like. Or get Management to set you up with a Reviewer credential and you can say anything you want, if it passes editorial (Management) review.

Every opinion matters. Mine more than most, IMHO. (This is intended to be humorous.) I don't want to take away your right to your opinion, so I won't lose mine. It might be better to be a little nicer (for the lack of a better word.) You didn't pay for the story unless you count one sixteenth of your daily quota. Vote it as a 5 or less, if you must, to guide other readers. You said it wasn't what you were looking for as feedback. Much more negative voting for the story is not helpful. Or maybe it is and I don't get it. Lets all play nice and go on to the next story.

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Authors have habits. Do you want Lubrican to stop writing stories about women who get pregnant?

Dual Writer has an occasional thing about food; since he seems to like certain dishes I had never heard of I tried them and they are now established in my repetoire

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