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I just opened Lazlong's story "Help!". The disclaimer displayed on the index page was great. I will quote one paragraph below.

This story has scenes that describe sexual situations or sexual acts. If you are under the legal age to read such stories or if it is illegal to read such stories in your area, then don't read it. If stories with sexual content offend you then don't read them. If such stories offend you and you read them anyway, then you must be pretty stupid.


The last part of the quote reminded me of the old adage...If it hurts when you do that, then stop doing it.

I sure wish Lazlong was still writing. He wrote some of my favorite stories.

Replies:   docholladay


I sure wish Lazlong was still writing.

I still have his page bookmarked. I go back and read his stories periodically. I do love how that so-called disclaimer was straight to the point covering so many aspects of the common sense rules in my opinion.

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