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Don lockwood


Hello. Is is probely asked before....but is don lockwood still an active writer. I really like his style of writing.

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AFAIK, nothing since the name change and efforts to pursue employment which warranted it.

I am going to assume that means he found employment in his chosen field, and his lack of production is due to wanting to keep said job, and presumably being busy.

Maybe when he retires or moves into another line of work(by his own initiative).

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Thanks. Its a pitty. But good for Don Lockwood i hope


He's only been in his new job for a couple of years, and it is one that takes some time to settle in. Hopefully, if he hasn't found some other interests, he will be able to get back to writing. Only time will tell.


He's now in a profession where it's a really bad thing to be known to write late high school/early college erotica; school boards consider that very suspicious.

They tend to think that if you write that type of thing, you might get involved with your students, or not enforce community standards in regard to the students' inter-relationships.

They don't differentiate by what type of erotica it is, so to them it wouldn't matter that he was very focused on caring, supportive relationships between chronological peers.

That's why he changed to a pseudonym. And stopped writing.

So long as he's a teacher, it's highly unlikely he's going to write this type of fiction again.

It's also something that could negatively impact his visitation rights, if someone choose to make an issue about it. I'm not sure how old his children are, so I don't know how much longer that will be a concern.

About every year or so he does drop a line at his Yahoo group, just to let us know he's still alive. Other than that, the only activity that group has anymore is when Ice Dancing is happening, or someone posts a lost story request.


I see he has not posted any stories / updates for 11 years now, although he still appears to be visiting the site occasionally - the stories are not Premium.
Most references to his real name have vanished from the search engines, but some of the ones left would be in his power to remove. Even his yahoo group has the real name on the front page.


Some reviews of his older stories give his old name.


His ASSTR page is still under his real name. His Lulu page also.

Yes, there are steps he hasn't taken that maybe he should have.

It's good to notice that all of us have been very careful not to say just what his real name is, in all of this.

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ok, I'll break rank. Ed Bovilas.




The Outsider


I keep hoping he's gonna finish that one.

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@The Outsider

WOG is that Rewind is dead as a doornail; even if he got back to writing, Rewind isn't getting continued.

Apparently one of the central characters was based on a friend who died; not Beth, in this case, the person Beth is modeled on died long before he started writing Rewind, in fact, Rewind was a way of helping deal with that death. Anyway, after said friend died, writing Rewind was just too painful, so he stopped. And unless it stops being painful, not gonna happen.

I'm just glad that where he stopped writing is actually a good stopping place, for not being planned that way.

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The Outsider


Unfortunate, but definitely understandable. I reread all his stuff at least once a year, though it makes me shake my head when I remember watching it post and how long ago that was.

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