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Help me clear something up in My Journey - Exile (spoilers up to ch9)


First off, let me tell you that I really like this series. I was sceptical before picking it up, but once I started reading, I couldn't put it down.

With that said, what I don't understand is how it took 6 weeks for Matt to find out the reason why the girls left him. Apparently, the whole school knew about it, but somehow he didn't hear a whisper about it. He didn't overhear anyone talking about it, no one bullied him, confronted him, or even talked to him about 'murdering a child'?

However unlikely, I could atleast stretch my imagination to believe that everyone just went quiet around him or whatever.

BUT. I really, really can't understand why the girls felt that they had to keep what he allegedly had done a secret from him. I mean, they fully believed that he had done it, so there would be no secret to keep right? Yet they swore his sister to secrecy. And this have been a major point as far in as I am in Exile. Matt says that all this hadn't had to happen if she hadn't kept the reason a secret from him, and I just don't know why they wanted to keep it a secret when as far as the girls knew, he was fully aware of what he had done. How did that conversation go between the girls and Lilly?

-Hey Lilly, we dumped your brother because he forced a girl to abortion, but don't tell him that, it's a secret!

-Golly gee Lana, I don't know, how is it a secret when he was the one who did it in the first place?



-...... Just don't tell him, okay?


So that is what I want cleared up, how come it was such a closely guarded secret, when the one they wanted to keep it a secret from was the one who did the thing they wanted to keep secret in the first place?


I think that most of those who believed the rumor at school at best decided to avoid Matt. Others made it a point to torment him.

I can see Lily being asked to keep what Matt had been accused of doing a secret - although Beck or Lana might not have specified keeping the secret from Matt.

"Lana, why did you and Beck break up with Matt?"

"Because Marlene told me he had gotten a girl pregnant and then forced her to get an abortion a few months ago."

Lily had previously shown a habit of keeping things from Matt, even things that were not a necessarily a secret.

The rumor by the way, mostly isolated Matt from the rumor mill at school.


Funny enough i pretty much dropped the series at the start of book 2 as well.

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