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Coerced Impregnation Stories


Hello everybody....

I'm pretty new here. Looking for suggestions for good impregnation stories, especially ones where the impregnation is reluctant or coerced. Don't really care much for incest, but love it when the mother or father is encouraging the daughter to get pregnant (especially if she is reluctantly) or encouraging the son to impregnate someone.

Any good suggestions for stories or authors to explore on SOL or elsewhere?

Replies:   Geek of Ages
Geek of Ages


Impregnation is a common theme in my stories, and there are some instances of coercion/reluctance/non consensual among them. Though I don't know if they're particularly the niche you're looking for, or are good enough to recommend.

Replies:   jcourson50

@Geek of Ages

I've read several of your stories already The Catholic Girl is one of my favorites.

Lubrican has a number of stories I like as well although he likes the incest theme much more than I. Also Krosis Of The Collective has some great ones.

Always up for other suggestions if you have some. Thank you

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