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Looking for a spoiler for Time of Eden and Elves


Hi, I've just read the first 4 chapters of Time of Eden and Elves.
I'd like to know to which chapter Anja is sleeping with others than MC. While she obviously isnt cheating on him since they're not together, she feels like the main heroine so far since they have a history together, obvious feelings for each other, and the most POVs aside from MC. So it makes me uncomfortable reading about her sex life with others so I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me how long this goes on (or if I'm wrong and she won't be a romantic interest for MC) since it's a very long story at 4600kb and if the main girl is spending something like half the book with others, I know that I won't enjoy it very much and I'd rather not waste my time with it. Thanks for any answers!


Read it some time ago but was very soon like 5-6 chapter or so? She stops around 13-15 i guess? Mc is getting two more princesess and she is getting jealous and aware of her feelings. Thats what I remember. There was not so much detailed sex though and the story is more focused on action so i did not really minded.Furthermore MC is getting other beautiful girls soo.. She is with MC around 20.

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