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Authors who make you cry.


No, not the ones with atrocious grammar & spelling or the ones with the storytelling skills of a stump. ;)
I'm talking about the ones who can write with such emotion, joy or sadness, that it brings tears to your eyes.

I've read "Time Enough For Love" by Heinlein probably a dozen times since it was first released. I'm rereading it again, but it's probably been 10-12 years since I last read it. I find my tears flowing every time Lazarus recalls Dora. Maybe it's because I remember what happens later in the story when he tells 'Dorable's story.

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Dan Simmons "Hyperion"
Sol Weintraubs Story. "See you later Aligator" :´[

And on the visual novel side, Key, of course. Clannad, Kanon, Air, Planetarian, all of those defined the term "crying game"

And the supposed to be true story end of Storybro's Adventure.



I'm talking about the ones who can write with such emotion, joy or sadness, that it brings tears to your eyes.

There is a scene in Rewind by Don Lockwood that does that for me.

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When I'm on my own and reading, it shows how much of a softy I am. I fall for every emotional cheap-shot. To make me cry doesn't take a lot. My eyes were brimming with tears when the old man returned from the sea with only a skeleton fish.

Jim S


I'm talking about the ones who can write with such emotion, joy or sadness, that it brings tears to your eyes.

There are a bunch here; several come readily to mind.

1. Lubrican scores with a couple: Last Wish Blues, Any Soldier, Making Of A Gigolo (13) - Misty Compton, Making Of A Gigolo - Epilogue and Mistrusting A Memory. Mostly just one part of each of these grabbed me. With MOAG - Epilogue, you'd have to wade through the 15 other stories in the series to get the full impact. Not a sad chore though.

2. Lazlo Zalezac's Fighting For Family. Chapter 16 just flat blew me away, not by itself but within the context of the story.

There are others but these are the first ones that pop into my mind.

Addendum: How could I forget Lazlo's Betsy Carter? While not bring tears to the eye, he makes you ache for her frailty and her little lost girl quality. How he does that while writing her as a almost superhuman character is talent.

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Beth's? Same for me. I cried. Hard.


@Jim S

I agree with you on Lubrican Jim, when he wants to write a [some sex] story he can write with talent and passion.


A.A. Nemo - "There Is a Reason". Actually, a lot of Nemo's works come with tears included.


A couple of WTSman's stories do it for me.

Also, A Blossom Fell [I think that's the story title?]

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A shame that the story is inactive.


BarBar's First Times

Even thinking hard about it makes my eyes prickle.

StarFleet Carl

Ernest Bywater





Island Mine by Refusenik


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

(Haven't watched the movie and only read the book. It riled me real up good last year)

If you're up for an animation film, Grave of the Fireflies from Studio Ghibli is, I must say, the most emotional of all times for me.



A Blossom Fell: I normally don't think much of posting a link when people should be capable of looking up the story via the author's name, but since the author's name is missing here: https://storiesonline.net/s/52031/a-blossom-fell

Oz Ozzie has a couple which fall into that category.

The part of EzzyB's Anita's Rescue starting at around chapter 14.

While some of Eon's stories were tear jerkers, she pulled the lot when someone started posting them on Amazon.

Darian Wolfe

There's a Do-over story where the hero has a teenage girlfriend who dies during a heart operation. Her little brother runs to him in the hospital chapel. That one got me.

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@Darian Wolfe

That would be 'A New Past' by Charlie Foxtrot. It was a great story as it stood, and he is now adding on to it.



Tedbiker's latest story 'Anitra' is a good heart-string tugger.



I totally agree that there are many on this site that tug on the strings. My two favorites are:

Always A Marine by Ernest Bywater
The Last Walk by Terriblethom

I do not think I will be reading either any time soon. They both hit way too close to home at this time. Dad is 90. Prostate cancer in its late stages. WW2 vet. Yep. Not any time soon.

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