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What does the tag "caution" mean?


What does the tag "caution" mean?

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde


What does the tag "caution" mean?

SOL's definition:

"Story contains something that can't be classified but requires caution on the reader's part"

Replies:   koehlerrock

@Switch Blayde

Thanks dude. I didn't know if it meant there was an overly-cautious character or something of that nature.




"Caution" is used if the story has something to be concerned about that doesn't show up in SOL stories often enough to have a story code, but the author recognizes that some readers might have negative reactions to it. Sometimes they say what the Caution warning is about, other times they don't.

Akin to Arlene & Jeff having the note in the story description: Smoking Fetish.

Geek of Ages

In other words, "don't blame me if you're squicked out"

Crumbly Writer

The "caution" tag is also often used when an author doesn't want to reveal how a story concludes (ex: a hook-up between an older man and a younger girl ends up with the revelation that they're father and daughter). Rather than listing Incest:father/daughter, they might list "caution".

Note: It's a pitiful compromise, as it satisfies no one and will only result in 1-bombs, but it's sometimes used for that purpose.

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