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Stories that are the exception to the rule.


Ok, I'm fishing for something new to read. It's been my general experience that any story with a score in the low 6-somethings, or lower, is not something I'm going to be able to enjoy reading. In fact, when I do category searches, I usually set parameters to reject scores below 6.5.

I'm sure there are probably exceptions to my rule. I'm looking for those. Do you have a favorite story that everyone else scored low, but you really enjoy? Please share a link. :D

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I am going to answer your question another way, one I have had some success with. First review all the stories by authors whose stories you liked. Then look at the stories those authors recommend on their story page. Check other stories by those authors. Once you have gone down the tree of recommended stories and authors and still need ideas what to read look at reviewers who have favorably reviewed stories you like. See what stories they have reviewed and check other stories by those authors, and ones those authors have suggested. Its like having dozens of friends making recommendations.

The difference between a 6.49 rated story and one rated 6.50 is negligible. All stores rated over 6.0 are better than average. Maybe not by much, and you need to read the story description and the tags and think about how long it is and all the other items that might affect how much you might like it, compared to the average SOL reader who votes.

Another source is the various top 50 story lists on the SOL home page. There are two search approaches on the home page. One of these days someone will discuss what the non-premier reader can do with them. Experiment and see if any approach works for you. If all else fails, start with the authors listing and a letter of the alphabet you think is lucky. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, look at all stories written by authors whose pen names start with G. Read the story descriptions and tags and look at how long it is. Maybe the author talks about what he or she is trying to do and that interests you. There are blogs, sometimes. Look at them and see if you want to see what this author has written.

Check out Fine Stories, there are another 800 or so stories there. Look at the names of authors who post information on the forum. Try some of their stories. Making your decision on the number being 6.5 or higher is not logical. Mr. Spock would agree, use all the information available.


Well, that's not quite what I'm looking for. I've been a premier member of SOL for years and have read hundreds (thousands?) of stories. I've even posted a couple of my own. I'm looking for personal favorites that someone likes, but otherwise has received a low score from everyone else. call it 6.0 or lower, if you wish. My personal general rule of thumb is 6.5 or greater, based on my own experiences, but I have found a few stories with lower scores I liked.

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Dominions Son


What are your squicks?

Stories that are well written but score poorly tend to be a bit more extreme.

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I would go with what are your go-to categories.

So a search on that and open up the scoring to a 5 or higher. Some older stories scored lower if there was too much sex or too into their particular category.

Within categories, there are writers that specialize in that category but cannot 'write well' but they bring the 'heat' if that category is your thing -- I.e. Mind control & incest categories have some stories not rated highly that do handle their category very well.

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@Dominions Son

I'm willing to overlook my personal squicks for the purposes of this experiment. :)



I've searched just about every possible combination you can imagine - preferences on and off, with & without a low score limit. That pretty much brings up the entirety of the SOL library eventually. What I'm looking for is someone to say "This got a really sucky score, but I liked it anyway..." followed by a link. That's what I'm looking for. :)


I have yet to come across a story that was scored poorly that I enjoyed anyway. In my experience most stories are actually scored within 1 point, plus or minus, of where I would vote.


Another issue with looking for stories with scores of a particular value, or higher just occurred to me. There are a set of stories by authors that have rejected rating. Some of those stories are pretty good.

awnlee jawking


A SOL rating represents an average opinion of a story. Perhaps there's a need for a representation of spread, equivalent to a variance. A poorly rated story with a large variance would show that readers were very polarised in their opinions, and if the story codes didn't contain anything to deter you, it might well be the sort of story you're looking for.


I think setting the bar at 6.5 is a little high, depending on your squicks and reading style. Mine is 5.5 though I dont filter, just choose.

I just read 'Need a Little Company', a fanfic first posting by HeatandChills.

It's based on the 2002 scareflick: 'Cabin Fever'


I enjoyed it a lot despite I dont generally like fanfic and I dont care too much for heavily flawed lead characters.

A summary, to some, MIGHT be 'Self Centered Manipulative Bitches need Loving too.' I would be more sympathetic.

- And of course the male protagonist, having otherwise good intentions, really doesnt like her at all but she is one fine piece of ass, and he's drawn into her web.

The attraction of the story itself is the honesty of the author in the character depiction. She treats the personalities as well as the relationship between the survivors realistically. In the end, you're left to draw your own conclusions as to how it turns out.

I would bet she has a considerable number of under 5 rates.

I gave her a 9, solely for believability, combined with readability.

The explicit sex wasnt really all that much a turn on as it would have been if it were a typical romantic stroker.

Without saying so, she points out the 'urge to breed' invoked by an apocalyptic experience.

Your view may vary on it.

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