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Wild Willie


Does any one have any news of him

Wild Willie

Hi there. Nice to hear from you. What would you like to know?



woundered how you were doing. what you were up to . how was in the future writing going and what your plans are. have liked your writing very much and hope there is more to come


I too really enjoy your work! Any plans to write more?


Wild Willie... I'll add my .02 to the previous comments about enjoying your unremarkable stories. I read the stories when you originally posted them and just now finished a re-read. They're good ones!

Please do let your fans know if you are able to continue to finish the Town story and even perhaps add additional stories to the series.



I guess he disappeared again : )


At least he's ok. That's the main thing.

Replies:   whodoo


Absolutely true Vlad. I was just hoping to hear a little about if he had any plans to continue writing.

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