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The Scot's WT? is no longer inactive

Ernest Bywater

First the bad news: The Scot's story WT? is no more, it's now known as Winds of Change.

The good news is: after a few years of slowly working on it the he's finished the story and it's been given to me for a final typo check, conversion for upload to SoL, and upload to SoL. At the same time I'm to create an e-pub version and publish that for him via my lulu website.

The bad news is: there's over 119,000 words and I'll be a few days checking it before I convert it and post its 28 chapters on some suitable schedule not yet decided on. I expect to get it done in the next few days.

The good news is this evening I've done chapters 1 and 2, so I've replaced chapter 1 and posted the new chapter 2 - both in the wizard update and now posted to the site.

One last point - Please, no emails about this. Mike hasn't got the time for them, nor do I. I'll accept reports of errors we missed so I can fix them for Mike, but that's it. Also, I suggest you read the blog.


Great news.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


08/05/2017, 9:31:59 am

Great news.

Thanks for bumping this to the front again. It has reminded me to mention all the 28 chapters are now uploaded to the Submission Wizard at Storiesonline, Finestories, an SciFi Stories as well as a print version and e-pub version being available from my Lulu page, as is a revised version of his story Gunslinger. Please watch the blog for updates on his other stories.

A new chapter of Winds of Change will appear every other day until chapter 27 then the epilogue (the last chapter) will appear the next day.

Hawk and Chipmunk are under revision at this time, then it'll be made available as an e-pub and the revised version uploaded to SoL too.

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