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Orphan to Royalty???


I'd like to find some (or any) stories where the main character starts out an orphan and is di9scovered later to be royalty. Have any stories like this been written??

Replies:   awnlee jawking
StarFleet Carl

Not quite royalty, but Citizen of the Galaxy, by Heinlein, was the first book that came to mind.

I know you were thinking about on here, but hey, I'm a sci-fi nerd, what can I say?

Replies:   herndon52

Sounds like some story or stories by Ka Hmnd. In some of them the hero is related to an emperor, not a king.


@StarFleet Carl of the first books I read was by Norton so I'm in the same club. I think the first one was "Star Man's Son"

awnlee jawking


You might enjoy 'The Thief of the Rose' and its sequels by R22CoolGuy and 'Always on Guard' by Jay Cantrell.



Unforgettable Weeks by Jay Cantrell features a main character who finds out that he is descended from nobility, although he isn't an orphan.

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