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spring break blooper special recipe indeed


Spell check is not necessarily your friend. Bowel is spelled correctly but not the word wanted. Bowl, I suspect. I am not a fan of pot pies, it does not surprise me if they are made in bowels. I don't eat them either way.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater

This reminds me of a passage where the male character found the female character spayed on the bed. Spell check didn't help that one either.
I wonder, what happened to the veterinarian who performed the surgery?

Ernest Bywater


be it a pie or a cigarette, I don't use marijuana - no pot for me.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer

@Ernest Bywater

Then we'll have together and try a bong (or a new MJ vapor parlor (they also have clubs filled with aerosol gin & tonics)). Isn't technology wonderful, and about as useful as political discourse?


And funnier. In the humorous way, not funny/peculiar. Fine and coarse are opposites. (speaking of discourse, political or otherwise). I want to be sure Fine Stories and SOL are not opposites, I wouldn't want this to be Coarse Stories.

If you major in Political Science do you take dis course and dat course until you have enough credits and they draw fine parallel lines on your body until your are covered like a graduate flask. Drink up, alcohol is legal for old farts like us.

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