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Xalir's My Journey series.


Heartily recommend this. Great series, if a bit over the top. Lots of emotional moments, and solid writing so far. Looking forward to watching this series play out, and he's posting chapters pretty much daily.


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Just from reading the tags, not my cup of tea - but each to his own. :)

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Actually the tags are a little misleading. I can see the first story label "Much Sex" but the second is more about family dysfunction and emotional disturbance it causes. Should be 'Some Sex'.. it's dependent on mood and trajectory of story, and by no means, 'Stroke' worthy.
There's a certain amount of topical violence thrown in but it's no worse than any other here... or as subject of your local 6 o'clock news.
In general context, it's a lot like Lazlo's The Future of Miss Powers but a lot more gritty.
Thus not a 'feel good' though you get the idea things come out alright in the end.

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Crumbly Writer


Thus not a 'feel good' though you get the idea things come out alright in the end.

There's a tremendous difference between 'feel good' stories and those that 'work out in the end'. I'm a fan of the classic heroic/tragedy, thus my stories all 'work out in the end', despite the fact my heroes frequently die. The end, though positive, is decidedly not 'feel good'!

'Feel good' is more descriptive of 'not disturbing' stories, rather than merely 'life affirming'.

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