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All Time Favorite Storie(s)


post deleted (never should have been posted honestly)

Replies:   Ernest Bywater

There are a number of top fifty list on the home page. A fairly large number of authors take advantage of the opportunity to list their favorites on their story page. I believe in free speech, etc. but is this necessary? One problem is authors whose work is not mentioned feeling unhappy.

Recommendations of good stories to read are fine. Popularity contests can be invidious.

Ernest Bywater


Not all the authors use the feature, but many do. When you look at an authors story list page there's a link up near the top left corner under their name that says Favorites and if you're looking at the alphabetical list of authors there's a column on the far right with a Favorites link if the author has listed his favorite stories. Look at the lists for your favorite authors and see if they have any listed, that's their recommendations. There's also a link for the top author favorite stories on the home page.


I've seen these features but thank you. I'm going to delete this topic anyway just to avoid conflict. Thanks for the help though and thanks for being an intellectual in our other topic instead of a preacher.

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