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non-sexual abuse main character coming of age stories?


What are the best coming of age stories where the main character has had a hard time at home, getting either emotionally or physically abused with no sexual abuse. I hate rape stories with passion. On from there a romantic story, where he finds the love of his life and they live happily ever after?
With maybe the female partner being the dominant one in the story as well?


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A Well Lived Life could meet that description ...


Any of the stories in my "Smart Girls" universe fits this criteria quite closely.

I got tired of looking for stories like your quest mentioned, so I wrote my own.





and possible banner year the not-quite sequel to redemption.

Or check out

he is the writer of both stories i mentioned above, he has stories that revolve with family problems.


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Thanks guy cant wait to read them!



It would have been nicer to give the author/title, or at least the index page. My version of your link is

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Ernest Bywater


Replies:   madnige

@Ernest Bywater

Yeah, but my way you can still see the author name and story title, get straight to the blurb without having to read through a list of stories (which you'd have to do on the /a/ pages), and it doesn't use a story access for non-premium subscribers (on the /s/ link). The only thing I'd likely change is to edit the link text to give an easy-to-read author and title - I'll bear that in mind for next time.


Funny that nobody mentioned "A Fresh Start" from rlfj.

If anywhere is abuse from parental units - it is crying loud from this story...


A non-abusive but definitely coming of age story would be
'A Charmed Life' by The Outsider, on Fine Stories.

Joe Long

In my story the MC/1st person narrator is emotionally abused, the source of much of his anxiety which cripples his ability to initiate relationships with women.

It's not done yet and I'm still tinkering with the beginning to better show the emotional effects. There's graphic sex but it's not part of the abuse. There's discussion of a past rape. There's discussion of sexual abuse that's not shown.

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