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Lubrican's Lost Memory Series


I am a great fan of Lubrican. This note is to underscore the great writing in his Lost Memory Series, especially the one about Clair Bonneville and her dildo! What an imagination this author has.

Does anyone else agree?

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Switch Blayde


Does anyone else agree?

A lot of people agree. He's doing well selling on Amazon too. I see the faults in his writing, but he tells a great story.

Jim S


I am a great fan of Lubrican.

Me too but I differ with you on the assessment of the last story in the Lost Memory series. Any Soldier, Mistrusting A Memory and For Want Of A Memory were written with Lubrican at his absolute best. Millie's Western Adventure was just a smidgen behind. But, for me, there just seemed to be a spark missing in the Clair Bonneville story that was present in other four.

Lubrican's stories are only available to Premium Members. And I noted in my review of Any Soldier that it was worth it if needed to read something this good. I feel that way about any of his stories, including the one under discussion.

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@Jim S

Couldn't agree more w/regards to "Any Soldier". It literally brought a lump to my throat.

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