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ESP/MC stories


Is there any stories that are ESP/MC or timetravel or do-over that are focused on getting rich.

For example, time by john wales.


1: https://storiesonline.net/s/75651/a-new-past
4:https://storiesonline.net/s/12493/flung-backwards-time-travel-sex-story - unfinshed author is sick

If you find any more similar to these please post. Would like to read some more time travel.

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I've never really gotten into magestic as i felt like there were multiple main characters.

And i hate that because if i read a story i like to put myself into the characters shoes so i get confused and cant do that with multiple main.

can you clarify that for me?

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Dark Colonel


Most of Magestic is from the point of view of Paul, though it does switch to a few other characters for a few scenes (most smaller than half a page). The only other character that even remotely has more is Jimmy, but it shouldn't be to difficult to go back and forth.

I admit that on my first read through I was also confused and may have skipped a few scenes to get back to Paul, but I still thought it was well done.



The list at http://do-over.wikifoundry.com/ is worth perusing. The stories with "[h] Modifying the history on large scale" probably all involve getting money and power -- although I notice that some stories that fall into this category are not marked.



Arguably Arlene and Jeff are MC (pheromones), and they main characters strike it rich.

Some of Dual Writer's "Florida Friends" series feature heroes with mild ESP who, among other things, are extraordinarily successful in gambling. Business empires are build, but not usually with ESPs.

Deja Vu Scendancy by AscendingAuthor includes getting rich by, well, ESP-like abilities.


Al Steiner's "Doing It All Over" (https://storiesonline.net/s/30059/doing-it-all-over) isn't specifically focused on getting rich -- the early parts are focused on having sex, the later on fixing the things that he's screwed up -- but it does include getting rich as a secondary plot line. At least the story includes a lot more detail about how the character plans to make his money than the usual Do-Over, and backs it up with information that the character would reasonably know.

Cmsix's incomplete story "I Feel Lucky" (https://storiesonline.net/s/54639/i-feel-lucky) may also be of interest. It's a harem/collection story with elements of conspiracy and mind-control. The main character starts out obscenely rich, though, so it's more about spending vast amounts of money than earning it.

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